Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tea Earl Grey Hot by ThinkGeek

Seller Description: "What would Picard drink? Being a starship captain is tough work. You have hundreds of lives depending on your leadership, your decisions, and your grade under fire (and under the ever-annoying presence of Q). When you need a moment to collect your thoughts you don't do it with a teabag stuffed with the brown dust that is the byproduct of real tea. No, Sir. You drink real, genuine Tea, Earl Grey, Hot."
Directions: Steep 2-3 minutes
Cost: $14.99/4oz tin

Teaware: Starbucks travel mug, pinch infuser
Measured dry: 2 tsp
Water Temperature: Boiling
Steeping Time: 5 minutes (forgot to set the timer... again!)
Additives: 1-1/2 tbsp Sugar in the Raw

While part of my summer marathon of Earl Grey, I mostly wanted to try this one to appease my inner nerd! Thanks to a Steepster swap with Emilie, I was finally able to!

Can we have a show of hands for who has tried EG simply because one of our favorite starship captains happens to enjoy it? Both my husband and I would have to rather sheepishly raise our own hands!
I tried this first without milk, and it was a fairly straightforward EG – better than a bag, but not really unique in any way that I could discern. Adding milk did bring out some hitherto unknown floral notes, but I can't quite place them. I think the search for the best EG will continue, but thank you, Emilie, for giving me the opportunity to try this one!

Prominent Notes: Sharp black tea, very light bergamot
Aftertaste: Light floral
Overall: The search will continue

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