Pageant of Winter Teas


I would like to say a special "Thank you!" to everyone who voted on our next project! The winning project was “The Pageant of Winter Teas" and it won by a landslide!

I just completed the Battle of the Earl Greys, so this page will continue to develop as the project comes together!

Format Information

The fifteen different face/offs in the Battle of the Earl Greys was a little intense, so I would like to keep my next project to something closer to five or less. At first, I looked into the beauty pageant format, going so far as to work out a weighted scoring system (see below) with categories that were the tea equivalent of the talent contest, swimsuit contest, etc.

20% Presence (Does the flavor shine?)
40% Capturing the Spirit of the Holidays
10% Creativity and Originality
30% Overall Experience (Is it enjoyable?)

But I can only wince at so many beauty pageant websites before the hamsters in my head have to jump off their wheels and go urp behind a melted Dali clock. Besides, the more I thought about doing a whole separate flight of every tea for each of those categories, the less I wanted to do it. I think it will be much, much easier (and more entertaining to read!) if I do smaller, simple categories first (like peppermint, holiday spices, pumpkin, etc.) and then possibly use this scoring system for a final round with our favorites from those sections.

Current Lineup

The evolving small categories and the teas I have managed to get my hands on so far:

Spices and Scents of the Holidays
Candy Cane Crush (aka Peppermint)
The Fruits and Nuts of the Season
Stocking Stuffer Treats (aka Chocolates)
The Gingerbread Man's Revenge
Pies, Cookies, Cakes, and Other Sweet Treats
Pumpkin, Pumpkin Everywhere

Other Notes:

Want to help? Here's a link to my Tea Wish List on Amazon.

If you are a tea company and interested in supplying tea samples for this project, please visit my Policies page for more information. Thank you!

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