Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lady Grey by Tealicious

Lady Grey by Tealicious

Teaware: 16oz infuser mug
Measured dry: 2 tsp
Water Temperature: Boiling
Steeping Time: 4 minutes
Additives: 4 tsp Sugar in the Raw 

This sample is another one of three fall preview teas which were sent to me by Tealicious. It won't be released until October, so it's not listed on the website yet.

It appears to be a black blend with lavender flowers and probably bergamot oil. Dry, this blend smells deceptively mild. The black blend dominates, while the lavender and citrus notes are very, very faint.

When steeped, the flavors switch places. The first punch of lavender rises out of the cup along with its steam, and it keeps on coming with the first sip. It's mild and sweetly floral in a fresh way, without perfumey bites or bitterness. The lavender flavor is more prevalent than the traditional Earl Grey flavor profile, which in itself is fairly light and the bergamot is barely noticeable. There is some astringency, but like the rest of the cup its bite is gentle.

I decided to try it chilled, and when cool the lavender continues to dominate the cup. Of the two versions, I do prefer it hot - mostly because when its chilled you don't get that wonderful sensation of a warm cup in your hands!

After that I did one more thing: a second steep. This didn't quite hold up - the cup was very watery, and in the future I will prepare it as a single-steep tea.

All in all, this is a great tea if you're craving lavender. It is a bit more of a flavored black than an Earl Grey, and it will not be moving on in the Battle of the Earl Greys for that reason.

Prominent Notes: Lavender
Aftertaste: Black blend and very light bergamot
Overall: Less an Earl Grey than a floral black

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